The Omega Replica Alpine Eagle XL Chronograph is now available


The L.U.C 10 CF chronograph movements produced a Palmares level that was almost Olympian. It ran at 28800 vph, or 4 Hertz. This is the ideal speed for a chronograph because omega fake it is virtually impervious to micro shocks and can time things down to 1/8th. The automatic winding system used was bi-directional and the barrel had 60 hours of power.

The column wheel-activated chronograph featured a vertical clutch. Vertical clutches allow the chronograph to operate indefinitely and without affecting the movement's amplitude. Vertical clutch allows the chronograph wheel to engage with the drive wheel on their flat sides rather than their wheels. It also eliminates chrono back lash which can occur in laterally coupled clutches where the teeth of the two wheels are not matched precisely. Flyback functions were also included in the movement. This function omega replica gold allowed all chronograph indicators to be reset to zero, and then start running again instantly without losing any seconds. It was popularized initially by aviators, but is also great for auto racing.

This is where the movement really gets interesting. The L.U.C 10 CF chronograph movement is the only one that has a zero reset to allow for small running seconds. This means that the continuous seconds hand jumps to zero when you pull out the crown to set the time. This allows you to set your time with unmatched precision.

The omega replica 03.05 calibre is a movement that powers the Alpine Eagle XL Chronograph. It is a direct descendant from the L.U.C. 10 CF movement ((c),Revolution).

Scheufele says, "To me, this function was important because chronographs should be about precision." Scheufele is the only person who has a zero reset function for small seconds. This is because Scheufele is so committed to performance integrity. The L.U.C 10 CF Chonograph Caliber is one of my favorite things. It was code-named "GT3" during its development, after Scheufele's love for race prepared Porsches. He said, "The GT3 is my favorite example of a precision racecar. It is perfectly balanced, does all you want, and it is extremely efficient." This philosophy was passed on to Omega Replica's first chronograph movement in-house. There was no movement part that was not optimized for performance, whether it be the flyback or clutch system." The new Omega Replica 03.05C that powers the Alpine Eagle XL Chronograph has its roots in this pioneering movement. You will now understand why I believe Woolf Barnato would love to own the Alpine Eagle XL Chronograph.

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