Eng Joo Ang

The President

Eng Joo Ang (EJ) was born in Singapore. His https://www.awewigs.com/ ancestral hometown is YingDu, NanAn, Fujian.

EJ currently holds the following positions:

  • President of The Australian Hokkien Huay Kuan Association
  • Senior Honorary Advisor of Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunificiation of China
  • Member of Chinese Ministerial Consultative Committee (NSW)
  • 2008 Foreign Representative of People's Republic of China Political Consultative Conference
  • 2012 Inauguarl member of the Chinese Ministerial Consultative Commission (Federal, and advisor to Immigration Minister)

Master Confucius had said, "At fifteen I set my heart upon learning; At thirty, I had planted my feet firm upon the ground; At forty, I have no more doubt; At fifty, I knew what were the biddings of Heavan; At sixty, I heard them with docile ear; At seventy, I could follow the dictates of my own heart; for what I desired no longer overstepped the boundaries of right.

EJ migrated to Australia in 1982, when he was 29 y.o., as the owner of The Regent Hotel, Sydney. The hotel was completed 8 months ahead of schedule. Under his management The Regent Sydney was rated the 12th best hotel in the world in 1983, and subsequently the 11th best hotel of the year after, which set a record in the Australian history. After 3 years the hotel was sold and EJ pursued his interest in property development and hospitality, with Rest VII rated best new restaurant in 2001 in Sydney and NSW, and also won No.1 wine list in Australia.

After serving one term as Vice President of The Australian Hokkien Huay Kuan Association (AHHK), EJ was elected to be President as from 2002 and has been re-elected for 6 terms. He has dedicated himself to serving the community.

Major achievemtns include:

  • In August 2001, purchased 9 Cross Street, Cabramatta and established it as the Senior Branch of AHHK.
  • In July 2003, established The Australian Chinese Clssics Reciting Centre (ACCRC), which offers free lessons to children not only from Chinese origin on Chinese traditional culture and moral value.
  • Hosting of many culture events, including the 5th World Fujian Conference in July 2006 (attended by 1500 people from around the world); The First Australian Confucius Festival in September 2009 and many others

Upon reaching 60 years of age (as Confucius said, an age that one's moral sense is well-developed EJ feels the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation entails the prosperity of Chinese culture. The improvement of status and influence of traditional moral value in Chinese people reflects the true rise of the status of China as a nation. To carry on and promote Chinese traditional culture and value is thus an arduous mission for all overseas Chinese.

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